Crotchdubs here, holler at your boy. Just got back from Senegal...Si
vous plait merci sans la mere! This one came to me in my sleep (don't
they all?) it's either that or on the toilet. Reading maybe. Or
sunbathing. Toots the bear! Anyway, can't believe nobody thought of it
before me, I mean, it's crazy! (Literally!) Staring at that frog's
eyeball for a few seconds...ok, done. Jeez brings the dope boys out,
Frawg brings the, um, the frogs out: what do you get? Dope Frogs!!!!
Hahahaha. Imagine that? Frog alert! Forecast says Sno...who told me he
likes this mix better than Hova Hypa. Hope to debut this at my next
gig in Newark. Crazy like gravy. Notches higher than the brow. Mash
murda? At your service. Back to sunbathing.



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